Cire Trudon: the Art of the Candle

cire trudon candles louis XIV marie antoinette


Burning History

In Cire Trudon, every candle looks back. As far back as 1643, the year Trudon’s wax-making factory was founded

Bring flame to the wick, and the candle’s formula of notes will transport you back in time and to places long forgotten, from 17th century courtyards and spring flower gardens, to sacred church altars and spice markets. Trudon clutches onto its massive history and proudly translates them into enchanting olfactory experiences, having once illuminated the courts of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette.

Glasses are hand-crafted in Tuscany resembling champagne buckets, emblazoned by an emblem resembling a bas relief found at the old Royal Wax Manufacture once owned by the Trudon family. Nestled within the embossed frame of Fleur de Lys stands a beehive motive -a tribute to the bees with the company’s motto, Deo Regique Laborant, inscribed below meaning “The bees work for God and the King”.

The cotton candlewick’s weave and diameter varies from candle to candle, and is based on the burning characteristics of each wax composition.

candle emblem
The production of each Cire Trudon candle is almost entirely made by hand

For Your Home

Properly used, the candle leaves no smoke or remaining wax on the sides of the glass.

Cyrnos and Joséphine are good greeting fragrances as you enter the home. For living spaces Manon, Prolétaire, and Abd el Kader are recommended, as many of them contain floral accents. Abd el Kader’s fresh green notes are especially adaptable to all spaces and occasions, also suitable to use while working in the study.

For bedrooms and bathrooms, Manon is especially suitable with notes of lavender, soft soap, and hints of orange combined to exude a fresh, laundry-like scent.

Cyrnos evokes a citrus garden situated off the Mediterranean blue shore, that borrowing scents from the nearby Provence


Head notes -lemon, myrtle, and thyme; heart note -black fig, cedar wood, lavender and pine; base -cashmere wood, musk, and patchouli

International shipping weight- 270g

Inspired by the mysterious Algerian coast, Abd el Kader is an interpretive blend of the climate’s warm peppered air, tea, and cool mountaneous mint enveloping the journey of the Ouled Nail tribe

abd kader
Head notes -apple, blackcurrant bud, clove, ginger, lemon, spearmint; heart notes -jasmine; base notes -vanilla

International shipping weight- 270g

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