Modern Education: Kano’s DIY computer assembly kit

What’s in the box?

Demystifying computing for ages 6 and above

In this day and age where toddlers and young children glue themselves to tablets and smart devices, a better way to take playtime to another level would come in the form of Kano’s computer assembly kit.

“Create not consume” is one of the company’s core beliefs, and instead of plainly interacting with a computer device, users will learn to piece together a series of computer parts while learning the basics of code.

Developed in collaboration with Codeacademy and Raspberry Pi, the kit comprises of 10 plug and play elements along with an illustrated step-by-step storybook, making following instructions fun and simple. Once assembled, Kano users are able to create art, code games, and design their own apps which will in turn encourage them to problem solve and innovate as they go along the process.

Another great feature of the Kano is that you are able to purchase additional parts as an upgrade to existing computers and learn to program new functions, as with the Raspberry Pi 2 Power Up kit, which visualizes code on a programmable lightboard. Possibilities are endless, and computing becomes enjoyable and almost instinctual.

Kano has its own magazine publication and community webpage, Kano World, where kids can connect and share completed creative projects, prompting an exchange of tips and ideas with other young inventors around the globe.

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