Man Cave Essentials

Assembling your man cave?

Trust what we’re about to list is absolutely CRUCIAL to get your spare room or basement up to man cave status.

#1 The Man Cave Sign


The Man Cave Sign –

Make your zone known with a cool signboard that says it.

#2 A Fridge for Drinks

Don’t play guitar? If you do, careful to not mistake your amplifier for a fridge and vice versa. Cos this one made by Marshall utilizes genuine parts that makes it a spitting image of the real thing! (except it holds your beer) Icebox compartment included for whiskey on the rocks.

Marshall compact fridge , USD$399.99

Crating Required. Buy straight from Marshall. Also Available at Walmart

Plenty of room for drinks to get your party started

#3 Manly Napkins

Um your wife’s pink floral napkins ain’t okay for the man zone. Go for plain ones. Or have everyone wipe up their messes with 100 dollar bills like these shown below:

100 Dollar Printed Napkins $19.99 for pack of 40

#4 Fans Safe Haven

Keep Calm and Geek Out.

Death Star Ice Cube maker, USD8.99

Cool your drinks, and give your drinks the cool factor with these awesome Death Star ice spheres. A pro tip is to fill the silicone up to just 80% (because ice expands) for a perfect spherical shape. Easy to use and pairs elegantly with the Star Wars whiskey glass.



#5 Charging Corner

Starcraft Pylon Light and Phone Charger, USD39.99

This Starcraft Light and Phone Charger will take your charging stop into a whole new level (A far cry from the tangled, messy no-step zone on the floor).

Visually stunning and functional, this Starcraft II Protoss Pylon Desktop Power Station is both a light and a charger. It gives you access to the great psionic energy matrix emanating from Aiur, but, in case you can’t tap into that, it also has an AC Adapter.

Two USB ports can power all devices that charge via USB. Ships with one micro-USB cable.

An Atlas and a Bean Bag

Or maybe a hybrid of both.

original_adults-beanbag-atlas-azur (1)
Atlas Bean Bag USD101.22

A Solar System

Solar Spinning Jupiter globe, USD144.99

Dimensions: 4 1/2″ diameter; Weight: 2 lbs

Everyone’s got a favorite planet. This slowly rotating orb is motor powered by low-light solar cells and counter-torque from Earth’s magnetic field. It comes with 3″ diameter, 3″ tall triple-pronged acrylic stand. Buy the entire solar system here.