Wallpapers for the young at heart

A charming woodland, an ethereal garden, or Skyscraper City; children (both young and old) are masters of imagination, and the right wallpapers will create a fairytale world for your children to indulge in. One that is exclusively theirs.

The Jungle Book

Bring the animal friends in Rudyard Kipling’s The Jungle Book to life, with wall-to-ceiling depictions of jungle flora and fauna. We love how this rendition engages with a splendid variety of animals, and incorporates vibrant brushstrokes and colors to ensure things never get boring.

Nathaniel Green Swinging Jungle Border, $31.49
Wallpaper Warehouse
International Shipping Weight: From 1.0 kg

Seas the Day!

Begin Mankind’s age old love affair young, with your children with Loboloup’s wallpaper with hand-drawn detailing.

Ships & Sails, $175
International Shipping Weight: From 1.0kg

Hand drawn Magic

The perfect alternative to a princess who loves her animals but won’t give up her pink: Wallpaper Direct’s hand-drawn animals combine a vintage repeated print with contemporary scribbles to create an art piece that completes a pink-themed room.

Merry Go Circus, $149
Wallpaper Direct
International Shipping Weight: From 1.0kg

 Birds of Paradise

In “New World” by Maharam, decoys and toy birds flourish and play among creeping Audubon vine illustrations. While children marvel and learn the names of the different birds visible, adults can contemplate on this design’s commentary on mankind’s experience with nature.

New World by Maharam
Price on Ask, International Shipping Weight: From 0.5kg

Chalkboard Perfection

We end this post with the acknowledgement that from sticking stickers on books, to drawing on walls, the need to personalise and make things their own seems to come ingrained in children from all cultures. Celebrate their inherent creativity by wallpapering an entire wall in chalkboard wallpaper – you may just get enough artwork for a new dress!

Chalkboard Wallpaper, from $50
West Elm
International Shipping Weight: From 1.0kg
Chalkboard Wallpaper Image Credit: ElleDecoration.se