Our latest dinner crush: The Westbury

Westbury wares

We didn’t think it would be all that difficult to decide on a cutlery set – all we wanted was something modern and minimal to complement our existing kitchen. Simple enough, we thought, but after weeks of reading reviews and testing out cutlery sets in friends’ kitchens, we were no closer to our goal than we were at the start.

The sets we found were either too heavy in ornamentation, or of insufficient weight: for safety reasons, we wanted good, heavy flatware which would fall handles first, in the event of an accident, thus keeping dining situations safe even with crawling toddlers and pets under foot.

Description of flatware parts (Credit: Zwilling)


After much deliberation, we decided on the Westbury Flatware by Williams-Sonoma: we didn’t think it would be possible to fall in love with dining flatware until we chanced upon this set. Clean and contemporary, with a hint of tradition it its V-shaped bolsters, we loved how it would fit in with our existing kitchen set-up, and any future transformations that we could possibly apply to our kitchen.

Westbury Flatware, Willams-Sonoma
International Shipping Weight: From 3kg


When the items arrived, we found the flatware to be pleasingly substantial in weight, but well-balanced as the reviews described. Simple enough for everyday use, we liked that it was also elegant enough to dress up a formal dinner table. Most importantly, because it was minimalist in design, we loved how it made for easy cleaning.

Post-Dinner shenanigans with our new dinner set!
Featured Image Credit: Williams-Sonoma