Great multi-tools, key rings, and other essential pocket items

Pocket Essentials

Men’s pockets are like the modern-day cornucopia of everyday necessities, storing your wallet, keys, and phone alongside a personal preference of emergency gear. For some, it’s a habit to carry the occasional power bank, pocket knife or set of earphones.

In the old days, mens’ pockets were little pouches attached to their garments or hung from their belts. The design then evolved over the course of history to the sewn-in pocket we now know today.

Phone, wallet, and keys are 3 of the most basic essentials men carry in their pockets. (Pic/

Fortunately, pocket essentials have also been revolutionized: design and practicality-wise, to match the needs of modern-day gentlemen and the most standard pocket sizes. Here, we’ll introduce you to some of the coolest items men need to have in their everyday carry collection.


Wallet-MrLentz-MrLentz Minimal Leather Wallet.png

Minimal Leather Wallet by Mr. Lentz
International shipping weight – 1 kg

When you think of the things you can find in men’s pockets, wallet always comes first. Mr. Lentz’s bifold wallet fits in your pocket without the bulk. It also sports the classic leather look and is 100% handmade, thus ensuring the high quality of each product.


Carbon Fiber by The Ridge
International shipping weight – 1 kg

A modern version of your classic leather wallet, Carbon Fiber is a sleek cash and cardholder equipped with RFID-blocking technology. You can choose between the money clip or cash strap design and keep your money and cards theft-proof and in style.

Multipurpose Portable Charger


Power Bank-RAVPower-RAVPower 3200mAh Power Bank with Ultra bright flashlight.png

Portable Charger by RAVPower
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Never worry about getting an empty phone battery or getting stuck in the dark by having RAVPower in your pocket. This 3200 mAh portable charger don’t just extend your phone’s battery by 100%, it also doubles as a flashlight that is small enough to carry with you anywhere.

Power Bank-Megalo Mini-Megalo Mini Micro USB.png

Megalo Mini
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

The world’s smallest portable charger that can power up 2 devices at the same time with its dual charge function. Supporting both iOS and Android devices and with charging cables built into the frame, Megalo Mini is the charger to go if you want a tiny, tangle-free, but powerful battery storage for your electronic devices.

Multipurpose Tools

Multi Tool-Zootility Tools-Zootility Tools Headgehog.png

Headgehog by Zootility Tools
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Fit 7+ gears in your wallet with this multi-purpose, fun-looking utility comb by Zootility Tools. With a Headgehog in your pocket, you’ll have a handy comb, a screwdriver, bottle opener, hex wrench, chip clip, and more.

18-in-1 Pocket Tool by Wallet Ninja
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

This credit card-sized multi-tool is a literal wallet ninja that is full of surprises. If you’re not using it as a bottle or can openers, screwdrivers, prying tool, letter opener, etc., you can sit it on the table as a cellphone stand.

Griffin Pocket Tool
International shipping weight -0.5 kg

This gear may look simple but don’t let appearance fool you. As unassuming as it may seem, Griffin Pocket Tool serves more than what some multi-tools out there can with its 11-in-one function. Including deep pocket clip to keep your keys in place, bottle opener, bottle and box opener, screw driver, bit holder, prying tool, wrench, and more.

Multi Tool-Gerber-Gerber Artifact Multi Tool.png

Artifact Multi-Tool by Gerber
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Don’t let the size fool you. This 3.5-inch, 1.5-ounce utility tool from Artifact can transform into a cutter, pry bar, wire stripper, screw driver, and bottle opener. With its size and sturdy build, this gear can be safely tucked in your pocket or attached to your key ring.

Multipurpose Key Rings


Key Finder-KeyRinger-KeyRinger Key Finder.png

Key Finder XL by KeyRinger
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Keys, among other things, are usually misplaced almost on a daily basis. Key Finder’s KeyRinger aims to remove this hassle from your daily life with its ability to locate your missing keys and other things up to 300 feet. With its extra loud (XL) function, you’ll be able to find your missing stuff in no time.

One set includes 2 ready-to-use KeyRingers that can call each other simultaneously — just make sure you don’t lose both at the same time, or you can have more than two KeyRingers just to be safe.

Pocket-sized Tracking Device

Tracker-TrackR-TrackR Bravo.png

TrackR Bravo by TrackR
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Locate your missing items using your smartphone with TrackR Bravo. This item locator by TrackR is a coin-sized, wireless device that you can attach to almost anything from keys, bags, wallet, to bicycles for easy-search in case you lost them.

You can find your items’ whereabouts through the TrackR app that you can download on your phone. Not only that, other TrackR users are also notified via crowd GPS network to help in the search; once they are within 100 feet of a missing item, they will receive another notification. And just in case it’s your phone that gets lost, you can use the TrackR device to locate it — awesome isn’t it?

Nail Clipper

Clipper-Khlip-Klhip Ultimate Clipper.png

Ultimate Clipper by Klhip
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

You never know when you’ll need to trim your nails or cut an annoying hangnail, so it’s best to have a nail clipper with you wherever you go. Klhip’s Ultimate Nail Clipper takes pride in being the world’s best with its award-winning, ergonomically correct designed build and surgical-grade blades.

At only 2.25 inches in length, you won’t even notice this nail clipper in your pocket even in its handmade leather case.