Usain Bolt: The reason why we love to run (and you should too!)

Usain Bolt showed the world in the 2016 Rio Olympics why running is a sport we should all love. It’s not just about the rush of the race and the glory of winning — it’s also about the fun and he sure had his share of it

Usain Bolt gave the Olympics one of its defining photos during the 100-meter semifinal on Aug. 14.That winning grin! This photo taken by Getty Images’ Cameron Spencer has gone viral and even has its own article!

Bolt’s legendary speed may have earned him three more Olympics gold medals this year, but it’s his easy smile that won the Internet (and the world) over.

Usain Bolt and Andre de Grasse of Canada having a little fun as they cross the finish line first and second, respectively, in their 200-meter qualifying heat.
Another iconic photo of a smiling Usain Bolt as he cruises to the finish line with Canada’s Andre de Grasse (left) also smiling not far behind. (Pic/Joe McNally)

Whether he’s huffing his way to the finish line or just grinning towards it, Bolt has inspired many to put on their running shoes and sprint their way either to fitness or to be the next best runner on the planet. And what other way inspire you to be “Forever Faster” than to have the fastest man himself on your running gear.


Shoes-EvoSpeed-Bolt evoSpeed Electric Bolt Tricks.png
A gold for a gold. Bolt had the golden kicks on his feet when he raced and won the 100-meter dash in the 2016 Rio Olympics.

evoSPEED Electric Bolt Tricks Men’s Sprint Track Spikes by Puma
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Does this thing have wings? The shoes Bolt wore on the 100-meter race better have them because only that can explain how he practically flew to the finish line at the speed of 9.81 seconds.

Shoes-EvoSpeed-Bolt EvoSpeed Disc Sprint Track Spikes.png

Bolt EvoSPEED Disc Sprint Track Spikes by Puma
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This pair belongs to Puma’s Disc series, which was first unveiled by none other than Usain Bolt himself back in 2015. Equipped with the IGNITE Disc technology, Puma went laceless and opted instead for a single button situated on the upper of each shoe to secure your foot and get you ready to race in seconds — please take note that this has little to no effect on your actual speed.


Short-Evostripe-Usain Bolt Evostripe Shorts.png
Usain Bolt evoSTRIPE Shorts by Puma
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Usain Bolt Logo Tee by Puma
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Gear up with these Bolt-themed shorts and shirts that bear the reflective initials and name of one of the world’s most decorated athletes. These apparels are official Puma merchandise under the Usain Bolt collection.

The epic finish Bolt striking his winning pose after the men’s 100-meter dash.
Pic/Michael Kappeler (Getty Images)

2016 Rio Olympics made history with its record-breakers and iconic moments but this event will also be remembered as Usain Bolt’s last race. The nine-time Olympic gold medalist and greatest sprinter of all time officially announced that his career had also reached its finish line.

Ending his winning streak with a flourish, Bolt left more than just historical footprints with him reminding us how the sport isn’t really about the race but the experience.