Best headphones

The shockwave Apple created by killing the standard headphone jack on iPhone 7 has caused quite an Internet uproar. But while the reactions border between amusement and frustration, the feedback only shows how much we care about the piece of technology that allows us to enjoy our music in private.


Nothing beats the experience of listening to your favorite music and hearing every instrument — from the lightest strum of a guitar harmony to the head-filling bass. Hardcore audiophiles can get down and dirty in the tech aspects — amps, range, noise-cancellation factors, etc. But for mere music lovers like most headphone users out there, the headphone requirements are pretty straight forward — quality sound, durable build, and good design.


In this post, we’ll cater to the needs of both the audio geeks and casual listeners. And because we know how intimidating choosing headphones can get with all the selections available in the market, we’ll narrow down your options to the 6 best  we’ve gathered.

Headphone-Sennheiser-Sennheiser MOMENTUM 2.0 In-Ear Headphones M2 IEG with Bonus Pack 3.png

Momentum 2.0 In-ear Headphones for Android by Sennheiser
International shipping weight -1 kg

Just because your headphone isn’t worth hundreds of dollars doesn’t mean it should sound or look that way. Momentum 2.0 has not only managed to meet expectations, it has also set the bar higher in the in-ear category with the uncompromising sound, functionality, and sophistication it delivers. It also has two variations for Android and iOS and devices.

Headphone-Skullcandy-Skullcandy Grind.png
Grind by Skullcandy
International shipping weight -2.5 kg

If you’re into over-ear headphones but don’t like the bulky build, the Grind is perfectly designed for you. Sporting a sleek and classic look, the Skullcandy headphone cuts down on the bulk but not in sound quality. You can also track your calls and control your music play using the button on the outside of the earcup.

Headphone-Audio-Technica-Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones.png

ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones by Audio-Technica
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

Audio-Technica delivers a true value for money with ATH-M50x. In a little over a hundred dollars, you can get a pair of professional studio headphones that lives up to its name.

Headphone-Marshall-Monitor Black.png

Monitor Headphone by Marshall
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

The first ever over-ear headphone from Marshall is designed to bring studio-quality sound and portability rolled flawlessly into one. Marshall Monitor also has 3.5 mm headphone jack on both ear cups, which means you can plug the detachable cord on either side and share your music using the empty jack.

Headphone-Sony-Sony h.ear on Wireless.png

h.ear on Wireless by Sony
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

Block the outside noise and enjoy a wireless private listening experience with Sony’s h.ear. This Bluetooth headphone is equipped with 3 noise cancelling mode that you can choose from depending on your preference and listening environment. You can also enjoy 20 hours of music playback even with the noise cancellation on and up to 22 hours with the feature off. If you don’t want to go wireless, you can plug the cord included in the box.

Headphone-Bose-QuietComfort 35 wireless headphones.png

QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphone by Bose
International shipping weight – 2.5 kg

“You turn them on, and noise instantly fades away.” How Bose describes the effect of QuietComfort 35 sounds magical but nope, it’s not magic. Freeing the users from the wires and tangled cords has been one of Bose’s obsession for quite some time now and finally managed to achieve it on the best headphone they can offer. You can connect QuietComfort to your devices through Bluetooth and NFC pairing.


As someone who values solitude more than another human’s company (Introvert alert!), a pair of good headphones is my ticket to Alone Island when caught in the middle of a noisy crowd of social butterflies. Whether you use earphones to isolate yourself, for professional reasons, or purely for enjoying music, never sacrifice quality for what it’s worth.

Now, get that music playing and have fun listening!