Boho life secrets: Giving your home a Bohemian interior

There’s something poetic about the Bohemian way of life that makes it captivating. Perhaps it’s the unconventional lifestyle expressed artistically in forms that represent the carefree nature, Bohemian life embodies. That innate artistry is probably also behind a Bohemian’s inherent ability to turn any place into a home — a proof that it’s not the exterior but the interior that actually matters.


Give your home a Bohemian makeover by adding these pieces for a creatively homey living space:


Lamp-Woven Lamp-Groovy Mid Century Modern Woven Shade Swag Lamp.png

Groovy Mid Century Modern Woven Shade Swag Lamp by Archelaus Recyclers
International shipping weight – 8 kg

Bohemian swag: Add a vintage feel on top of the nature-inspired vibe with this woven mid-century lamp that you can use as a corner accent or a functional lamp shade.

Wall Hanging-Woven-Magical Thinking Kushi Macrame Wall Hanging.png

Kushi Macramé Wall Hanging by Magical Thinking
International shipping weight – 3 kg

You can’t go legitimately boho without this macramé piece of wall accent. Hang it in any corner and turn your space instantly into a Bohemian-inspired nook you’ll surely love.

Rug-Bohemian-Bohemian Round Rag Rug.png

Bohemian Round Rag by House of Junque
International shipping weight – 3 kg

Brighten up your home with some colors brought by this mandala-like rug made from braided and sewn upcycled clothing. This can also double as a wall décor that you can have custom-made.

Placemat-Woven-Woven Water Hyacinth Round Metallic Placemat.png

Woven Water Hyacinth Round Placemat from Pier 1 Imports
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg

Water meets metal: Made from dried water hyacinth coated with a silver finish, this uniquely beautiful placemat brings a wonderful fusion of elements to the table.

Natural Seagrass Leona Hamper Basket from World Market
International shipping weight  – 24 kg

Keep your dirty laundry out of the way with this hamper made from woven seagrass. You can even use it as a decorative piece to fill an empty corner of your house.

Pouf-Woven-Charleston Pouf.png

Charleston Pouf by Gardeners
International shipping weight – 6 kg

Made from banana leaves woven around a sturdy steel frame, this set is ideal for your porch or patio where you can use them as a low table or seats.

Chair-Woven Rattan-Pari Rattan Chair.png

Pari Rattan Chair by Anthropologie
International shipping weight – 6 kg

Add curves to your living room with this piece made from woven rattan reeds. Inspired by the furniture designs during the British colonial era, this chair boasts sturdiness and durability you won’t expect from its appearance.


Welcome nature inside your home with doors wide open and embrace the touch and feel of a Bohemian-inspired living space!