Tudor-style fashion is in again!


Fashion during the reign of King Henry VIII was exquisitely on point. It was a fascinating era in history when what people wore indicated their social status. An era when normal #OOTD was made of silk and satin, embellished with crystals and other jewelry.

Have you ever watched series like The Tudors and felt envious of the court gents and ladies in their fancy garments? If yes, then we’re sure you’ve been looking forward to Halloween, so you can have an excuse to dress up like Anne Boleyn or King Henry himself. But why only clad yourself in Tudor style garb once a year? Check out what we rounded up for you so you can feel like a Tudor lads and lasses every day.

The ruffles

Ruffle detail has a noticeable presence in Tudor nobleman’s fashion. These pieces, however, displays a feminine take on the gentleman signature:

Ona Ruffle Detail Blouse by Boohoo
International shipping weight – 1 kg

The sleeves

Revive the narrow cuff, frill, and bell-shaped sleeves without looking like you’ve just walked out of a historical film. Give these Tudor styles a contemporary feel fit for everyday wear:

Blouse with Cord Sleeve by Zara
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Sims Crochet Shift Dress by Devlin
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

Sequin Hearts Junior’s Shift Dress from Macy’s
International shipping weight – 1.5 kg

The luxurious brocade

Turn the status symbol of the English Renaissance’s rich and famous into a modern fashion statement with the following pieces:

Brocade Skirt by Chulet in Designs
International shipping weight – 1 kg

Brocade Leggings by Hue
International shipping weight – 1 kg


Gent’s Burberry Collection

The House of Tudor won’t be complete without its noblemen. Clad in frilled silk shirts, embroidered tunics, and tight-fitting trousers, the Tudor gents embody power and sophistication in their ornate garments.

Top (L-R) Floral jacquard jeans; Padded bomber jacket
       Bottom (L-R): Ruff collar tunic; Ruffle detail striped tunic


Time to fill your wardrobe with timeless pieces inspired by the most exciting period in British history. Have fun shopping!