Your strategy to Black Friday


They say Black Friday in November is when the magic happens, and indeed, with Black Friday deals already abound, and amazing credit card point schemes available, this November promises to be nothing less than a truly rewarding (pun intended) experience!

In fact, while putting this week’s shopping guide together, we discovered that we could easily shop our way to a free return(!) business class(!) trip to Bali(!!)!.

Here’s how:

1. Get yourself carded

And we do mean setting yourself up for success with the right credit cards. Shopping with a high earning rewards card means you save more when shopping this season. We’ve listed our favorite cards for online shopping below, but different cards offer different perks: the American Express ExplorerTM card offers airport lounge access whereas the DBS Woman’s Card in Singapore offers complimentary yoga passes. Therefore we recommend you pick your poison according to whether you’ll be seeking your zen on the mat, or at the lounge this season.

Our favorite cards

2. Make a list, check it twice

We’re a fan of lists here, so we’ve parked our life-changing gadget wishlist in a neat Excel spreadsheet, identified the number of points to be earned from each purchase, and calculated the miles we could potentially earn from each purchase.

Example of our list for a rewarding shopping experience

As above, beyond excellent deal prices, your shopping spree could easily reward you with return trip on Business Class to Bali, or a one-way ticket to Istanbul. We’ve used the Citibank Rewards card from Singapore, and Krisflyer as an example, but we welcome you to take our nifty spreadsheet and get started on your very own rewarding Black Friday experience!

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