#myCGWExperience and OneBox winners

Congratulations to XXXX for sharing your #mycomGatewayExperience. You both win free shipping!*
We’ve recently launched OneBox, and it was a success! Customers have saved 432 kg in shipping weight so far! Thank you for availing the service. Here are the weekly winners of CGW$100**

Week 34 winner
Cynthia from Papua New Guinea

9 packages
Before: 8.00 kg = $174.05
      After: 3.00 kg = $99.05
38% weight reduction
      $75 savings

Week 35 winner
Jonathan from France

5 packages
Before: 13.00 kg = $136.90
      After: 7.00 kg = $88.30
46% weight reduction
      $48.60 savings
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