Getting the most out of your U.S. online shopping!

Shop smart and get the best deals on your U.S. online shopping! It is easy to click and add everything to your cart but always keep these tips in mind for the best shopping experience.

1. Exchange Rate


The exchange rate can be inflated by as much as 25%. Verify that the store uses a fair exchange rate! Most of the time, it is better to transact in U.S. Dollar and let your bank do the conversion.

2. Price Variation


Make sure your selected country is the United States. Some sites have price variation when charged in non-USD currency. Compare that prices do not differ from the brand’s U.S. site.

3. Don’t pay to ship air


Did you know that light, fluffy diaper can weigh more than a pair of jeans?

Yes it is – in shipping weight (see here)! The cost of shipping an item depends on both the actual weight and the amount of space it occupies (we call that volumetric weight). We know it can get confusing, which is why we’ve created Live Quote. A fuss free service for your shipping cost estimate.

4. It’s always SALE season in the U.S.


Ever wondered where off-season products disappear to?

They don’t just fade away; they go to retail heaven! By shopping at U.S. discount outlets, you can grab the same great shoes, bags, and more, at a fraction of their original price! We curate and compile them for you weekly, see it here.

5. Request for a Multiple Repack


The base cost of shipping is usually much higher than the cost of additional weight. So you can save on shipping if you combine packages from different online stores into a single box or bag to ship together. Request it through email or Live Chat.

6. We go where your credit card can’t


Facing problems buying from an online store? Not to worry! We can shop on your behalf and manage the entire purchase until it reaches your U.S. Address! Simply use our BuyForMe service and let us know what you want!


And remember, shopping becomes cheaper (and more fun) if you do it with a friend to split the cost. Enjoy your online shopping!