10 “Electronic jewelry” to covet in 2017

These days, consumer electronics are becoming more like jewelry. While more people can afford gadgets now than in previous decades, the best ones can command prices that run up to thousands of bucks. More than contraptions to entertain ourselves with, we also use these things to tell the world about ourselves – what social class we belong to or, for many of us, aspire to; what personality type we are – in the same way that a diamond ring says wealth or a string of pearls implies elegance. It’s no coincidence that many consumer goods now come in colors of precious metals like gold and silver.

We’ve scoured the pages of the June 2017 issues of technology magazines T3 and PC Mag for the most coveted consumer electronics today. What we’ve come up with could well be the Christmas wish list of an ardent technophile. One of the items even bears the name of a luxury car.

1. New iPad Pro. First in our list is a staple in many most-coveted tech lists: the new iPad Pro, the latest iteration of Apple’s flagship tablet. Although similar in hardware and software to its predecessor, a 9.7-inch-long model launched in 2016, today’s iPad Pro is notable for at least two things: its screen, which occupies almost entirely the front of the 10.5-inch-display model due to a thinner bezel; and its 120Hz refresh rate, the highest in Apple iPads so far, which makes for sharper images and more fluid browsing. It’s also available in a larger 12.9-inch display and a rose gold casing.


iPad Pro 10.5

Apple |  10.5 inch iPad Pro- $649.00
International shipping weight –  5 kg
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2. Porsche Design Book One. Luxury car maker Porsche forays into the laptop market with the Book One, created together with tech giants Microsoft and Intel. In terms of hardware design, the Book One doesn’t disappoint: the casing is an eye candy in anodized stainless steel with silver finish. The monitor can be flipped a full 360 degrees (Microsoft’s recent Surface tablet-laptop hybrid can only do 180 degrees) and becomes a functional tablet when detached from the keyboard. The Book One runs on a 16GB RAM and has a 512 SSD memory, at par with other tablets in the market today. An impressive debut worthy of its name.

Porshe-Design Book One

Porshe | Design Book One – $2,495.00
International shipping weight – 5.50 kg
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3. PlayStation4 Limited Edition Gold. A serious gamer would probably not care about the color of his or her console, be it black or gray or gold. But its flashy design isn’t the only thing the PlayStation 4 Limited Edition Gold has going for itself. Instead of a 500 GB hard drive like its predecessors, the gold PS4 has an enormous 1 terabyte hard drive.  Just imagine how many games, movies and TV shows you can download with a memory as huge as that.

Sony-Playstation 4 Gold

Sony | PS4 Limited Edition Gold – $349.00
International shipping weight – 5.00 kg
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4. Microsoft Hololens. “Magical” is how technology review site CNET has described the augmented reality headset Microsoft Hololens. Rightly so, for what the Hololens can do is nothing short of miraculous: You wear it and they appear hovering in front of you, the planets and the stars, as if the outer space has found its way in your living room. The Hololens works by overlaying holograms in your field of vision, creating that uncanny effect of as if the holograms are actual objects present in the room with you. From engineering to education to medical care, the possibilities for the Hololens’ use are endless.



Microsoft | Hololens Development Edition – $3000
International shipping weight – 3.50 kg
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5. Apple BeatsX Earphones. Apple shows the world it’s the Master of Sleek with the BeatsX Earphones:  The wires are made of nickel titanium alloy, a malleable material that allows the wire to be rolled neatly into the compact case. The ear buds are magnetic so you can stick them together when not in use. The listening experience is also as topnotch as expected of Apple products, the acoustics able to reduce noise and deliver a natural-quality sound.

Apple BeatsX Earphone

Apple | BeatsX Earphone – $149.95
International shipping weight – 1.00 kg
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6. Here One Smart Wireless earbuds. Most of us don’t give much thought about earphones. They’re just the things you plug your ears with when you want to listen to the music stored in your device, when your feel like tuning out the world around you. But Doppler Labs has seen potential where others hasn’t: Its creation, the Here One Smart Wireless Earbuds, can do wonders beyond what its unassuming form can convey. In a concert but the crowd is drowning all the band’s music? Plug in the Here One wireless ear buds and they will remove the crowd’s noise. Feel like being a DJ? Do a remix of the live music by tinkering with Here One smartphone app. “Plain” will be the last thing you’ll describe your earphones after this.

Apple BeatsX Earphone

Here One | Wireless Smart Earbuds – $299.99
International shipping weight – 1.00 kg
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7.  DJI Spark Mini Drone.  While the smartphone industry has abandoned the race for the smallest, it carries on among drone makers: the DJI Spark mini drone is just about the size of a soft drink can. The Spark is drawing positive reviews mainly for its ease of use: you don’t need a remote controller to fly it. While the drone is in flight, you can control it using hand gestures, a feature that adds to the Spark’s cool factor. It can fly away to a distance of 108 meters but can go farther up to 1.2 miles if used with a separate control. The camera takes 1080 pixel videos and 12 megapixel pictures, at par with many of its bulkier counterparts. Have a Spark ready at parties for groufies that include every one of your 300 guests.


DJI | Spark – $499
International shipping weight – 2.00 kg
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8. Sony Full HD Home Projector. For all the hype surrounding infinity screens in smartphones, nothing still beats the thrill of watching a movie on a big screen. Home theater aficionados will take delight that the Sony Full HD Home Projector has lots packed in its black chassis. Advanced SXRD panel technology combines with Sony’s Advanced Reality Creation super resolution processing to provide richer visuals where subtle colors and textures are faithfully rendered. Motion blurs become sharper, thanks to Sony’s Motionflow that inserts additional frames so moving images stay sharp. Even when the lights in the room are on, the visuals remain clear with its 1080 lumens brightness. Everything about the Full HD Home Projector says it comes from the leader in imaging technology.

Sony-Full HD SXRD Home Cinema Projector

Sony | Full HD Home Cinema Projector – $1,999.99
International shipping weight – 20.00 kg
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9. Navdy Head-up Display What we only see as props in science fiction movies is now an actual product you can buy.  Reminiscent of the glass computers in the Tom Cruise starrer The Minority Report, the Navdy Head-up Display unit sits on your car dashboard and projects maps, dashboard information, texts messages and social media feeds on the windshield, all as translucent images. Now, no more taking a second to look at your smartphone; everything is in front of you, making for a safer driving. As the Navdy also has movement-detecting sensors, you can interact with the images on your windshield by swiping your hand in the air. Integrate them with Siri or Google Assistant and you can voice-command the Navdy to search the next gas station for you.

Sony-Full HD SXRD Home Cinema Projector

Navdy | Portable Head-Up Display – $399
International shipping weight – 2.50 kg
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10. Dot Braille Smartwatch. As much as tech company executives like to talk about their products as means to connect people to their peers, many remain isolated in this age of digital explosion. The majority of consumer goods are designed for able-bodied people; only a handful are created with the needs of persons with disabilities in mind. This is exactly what the Dot Braille Smartwatch seeks to address. Like any smartwatch sold today, the Dot allows its wearer to tell time, access text messages, email, social media, etc. — but in Braille, the written language for the blind composed of raised dots. A convenient way for the blind to communicate and find their way around.


Dot | Braille Smartwatch – $290
International shipping weight – 1.00 kg
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