Go the distance: smart ideas for long-haul travel

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“Go see the world.”

It’s one of the 20 items in your New Year’s resolutions list you drew last January, along with “Work out twice a week” and “Clean the wardrobe.” But the year is already into its second half and this statement remains on your list, unchecked.

There’s no better time to finally strike this item out and hit the road than this August. In many places around the world, people are celebrating the end of summer with festivals, from the Burning Man Festival in Nevada, USA to the La Tomatina in Buñol, Spain. It’s also the perfect weather for a swim in the ocean off a white-sand beach in Thailand.

A word of caution: Long-haul travel can be frustrating for the unprepared. Even the most passionate wanderlust can die after sitting for eight hours straight, transferring planes in numerous layovers, and moving in an oppressively hot or cold weather that you’re not used to. Here, we give ideas on where to go this August and what activities to do. Bring along these gear from the July issues of  T3 and GQ US magazines to pull you through the rigors of the journey so you can enjoy your trip to the hilt.

1. Go on walking trips The countryside scene can be as enthralling as museum exhibits. Go on a walking trip, for instance, through the County Kerry in Ireland and drink in its forests, sandstone mountains, and lakes. In walking trips like this, it is best to wear something sturdy on your feet, like the Timberland Westmore Leather Fabric Boot. The upper material is nubuck leather so your feet stay comfortable through long distances.

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Gap of Dunloe in County Kerry, Ireland. Photo by J c via Flicker.

Travel Essentials for Men: Timberland-Westmore Leather Fabric Boot

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2. Save money by backpacking A great way to save money on travel is by backpacking. This means giving up the usual luxuries such as joining a tour group and staying in a five-star hotel. Instead, you chart your own course and spend the night in a cheap hostel. Backpackers’ favorite destinations include the Gilis Islands in Indonesia and Bhutan. Since you’re practically living off your backpack when you travel in this style, it would be wise to carry your things in a heavy-duty bag, like the Pacsafe UltimateSafe Z15 Anti-theft Backpack. Besides the canvas body with pads at the back to support the carrier, it is also secured by a combination lock.

The Punakha Dzong in Bhutan. Photo by Hameed Fazal via Triphoto.


Travel Essentials for Men : Pacsafe-Ultimatesafe Z15 anti-theft backpack

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3. In Japan, ride the Shinkansen August  is matsuri (festival) season in Japan, where a festival happens in practically every town and province at any given day. Part of the attraction is traveling to the festivals aboard the Shinkansen, Japan’s bullet train network,  which tasteful interiors are of renown. Pass away time in the Shinkansen by sitting back on your upholstered seat while reading a Haruki Murakami novel, the author himself an avid traveler. A more convenient alternative to carrying print books is an ebook reader like Kobo Aura H20, which can store as many as 3,000 ebooks.

The Shinkansen. Photo by Gaijinpot.
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The Nebuta Festival in Aomori. Photo by Behrouz Far via Flickr.



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Ebooks and other electrical devices keep boredom at bay during a long-haul travel. So don’t forget to bring a pair of earphones, like the Porsche Motion One Bluetooth Headphones, you can use with a smartphone like OnePlus 5. A power bank like the Anker Powercore is another item you shouldn’t leave behind. Carry them all in a bag with lots of compartments for gadgets, like the Amesbury Doubleleather Zip Briefcase.

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4. Bring your comfort blanket – or coffee press While traveling is all about opening yourself to new experiences – food, people, places – it won’t hurt to bring along with you a piece of comfort from the life you’re temporarily leaving behind. Wine is great in Paris, but the local coffee brews leave a lot to be desired, so on your next French sojourn, don’t hesitate to pack a portable coffee press, like the Cafflano Red Kompact Coffee Press.

A café in Paris. Photo by Steven Greaves via National Geographic.


Travel Essentials for Men : Cafflano-Red Kompact Coffee Press

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5. Don’t neglect your skin Fancy a fairytale adventure? Then Finland should be your destination. Until recently, Finland wasn’t in anyone’s must-visit list but tourists are now enamored with the Northern European country’s pristine ambience. Architecture aficionados will have their fill of museums and classical buildings in Helsinki and old churches and castles in Turku. On the other hand, you’ll be awed by nature’s grandeur in the coniferous forests in Lapland.

As temperature in Finland in August falls between 13 to 17 degrees Celsius (55.4 to 62.6 degrees Fahrenheit), the cold can leave your skin feeling dry. Keep your skin hydrated with moisturizing toiletries, such as those in the five-piece Travel Kit by Baxter of California. Then maintain a neat facial hair with the Braun Series 9 Electric Shaver.


The Turku Archipelago in  Finland. Photo by Freedom Treks.


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Now that you have ideas on where to go, the next thing to do is pick one and start planning your trip on the next long weekend. There will be hassles, yes, but due diligence should make them less frustrating. I  know I should end this blog with a quote from a celebrity traveler like Anthony Bourdain, but one of the wisest words about travel comes from someone you wouldn’t normally associate with it — St. Augustine.  He said, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”

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