Do these tricks and watch your shipping cost go down

shipping savers

comGateway stops at nothing to make online shopping in the U.S. easy, secure, and affordable for you. We have introduced value-added services, all of which are meant to manage your shipping cost.

Let’s get started!

1. Use the free Live Estimate tool

Live Quote

Have your eye on an item but don’t know how much it would cost to ship? Get an estimate of your shipping cost by using comGateway’s Live Estimate service. What’s more, purchasing a Shipping Guarantee fixes the shipping weight quoted. Sometimes the item arrives heavier than expected, with the Shipping Guarantee, we’ll cap the shipping weight for you!

Try it and purchase a guarantee now for free. Here’s a one-time use code:: TEST1LQ

Our Live Quote hours are now extended.  We’re online from 8 AM to 12 AM GMT+8 every day!

2. Repack your purchase

standard repack 2

Sometimes a purchased item arrives in a box that is too big for what’s inside. If it does, comGateway can repack it for you. They can cut the box to make it smaller, or transfer its content into a polybag. A box cut down costs $7 per package while a transfer to polybag costs $5 per package. Standard repack is offered during international shipping checkout, if available. No more shipping air!

3. Consolidate or request for OneBox

standard repack 1

Consolidating packages means 2 or more separate packages are shipped together. This benefits you as the base charge (first half-kilo) is only applied once. Consolidation is free for the first 3 packages, while additional packages cost US$1.00 each for regular members and free for Prime members.The maximum allowance for consolidation per shipment is 15 packages. Consolidation is done during international shipping arrangement.

standard repack

With OneBox, the unnecessary bulky packaging is discarded and the items are transferred to a single container (box or polybag) to reduce the volumetric weight. OneBox costs US$10.00 for the first 5 packages, and $2 for subsequent packages.

multiple repack

We’re happy to help! Our Live Chat is now available daily to answer all your questions.

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