What you should be desiring this fall besides the iPhone X

While many of us were breathlessly waiting for the new iPhone to arrive, other similarly desirable objects also made their debut this fall. Here are the three which most deserve to share our headspace with the iPhone X:

Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 is the smartest of them all

The Apple event  last Sept. 12 was an iPhone X show, but another Apple device released along with the flagship phone equally deserves our attention. The Apple Watch Series 3 (US$399) improves on its previous model by including an LTE modem, allowing its user to take calls, read messages, and use apps even without its partner iPhone nearby, so you can leave your iPhone in your locker while you go for a run.

Besides LTE connectivity, this smartwatch by Apple also has an altimeter, which measures your elevation from the ground, and a slew of health-related apps. Apple has also announced it is working with Stanford University for a feature that will tell Apple Watch wearers their blood glucose level.

Pat McGrath

Stand out with the Pat McGrath Collection Totale: Sublime

Beauty junkies, on the other hand, welcomed this fall the drop of the latest from makeup artist-to-the-supermodels Pat McGrath’s makeup line: the Pat McGrath Labs Collection Totale II: Sublime (US$215) The five-piece set consists of an eye shadow palette, three lipsticks, and an eye pencil – everything you need to achieve a supermodel allure yourself. We particularly love the eye shadows, 10 in all, for their metallic jewel tones. Paint them around your eyes for a gaze replete with subliminal messages.

LV Sneakers

The LV Tattoo Sneaker Boots get a classy reboot

This fall also saw the release of an update to Louis Vuitton’s Tattoo Sneaker Boot (US$725). The luxury brand has done away with the previous stenciled typeface across the sneakers’ upper material and replaced it with its iconic LV monogram on cotton fabric. Adorned with appliques of thunderbolts and a flower, it’s a classier version of Vuitton’s interpretation of the Chuck Taylors.  Available in suave Crème and edgy Noir.

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