Redesign Your Home with Minimalism

When redesigning our homes, the first thing we turn our attention to is the wall. Right away, we grab a bucket of paint, a roll of wallpaper, and several framed pictures. However, decorating walls can go beyond paint and wallpaper. It can be more thoughtfully done, considering matters other than aesthetic to include functionality and freeing up space. Here, we give you some guidelines on how to spruce up your walls in a minimalist theme:

1.     You can’t have too much white. Perhaps no other characteristic gives minimalism away quicker than its generous use of white. Besides conveying elegance, white is also easy on the eyes, which makes it suitable for home interior, especially in rooms where we relax.  It isn’t only the walls that have to be white, though; you can also extend the color to your furniture and décor. Select pieces, such as Pottery Barn’s Study Wall Board, where you can hang photos; Amazon’s Cubist Floating Wall Shelf; and Umbra’s Mariposa Nine-piece Wall Décor set. A white-on-white scheme will also make for a conversation piece when you entertain guests at home.


Pottery Barn | Study Wall Board – $89.00
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Amazon | Cubist Floating Wall Shelf – $40.00
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2.     Marry form and function. Because minimalism requires only the fewest of elements, you have to be prudent in choosing which wall accessories to mount. Minimalist interior designers choose pieces that are as beautiful as they are functional. For your walls, choose lamps that have unique shapes, such as FontanaArte’s IO LED Wall Light, and furniture and accessories that double as wall art, such as Seletti’s Suburbia Wooden Wall Storage, Pottery Barn’s Love Shelf, and Haoshi’s Goldfish Clock.

FontanaArte | IO Led Wall Light – $263.50
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3.     Create space – or an illusion of it. Another rule of thumb of minimalism when it comes to space: expand, not divide. Thus, we see architectural and fashion magazines containing the most minimal text. In home design, spaces can be created by avoiding filling rooms with furniture and putting in only the essentials, among other techniques. If you live in a small space, you can create a sense of expanse by mounting wall mirrors, such as Umbra’s Prisma Wall Mirror and Urban Outfitters’ Wall-mounted Lapsis Mirror.


Umbra | Prisma Wall Mirror – $319.00
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Urban Outfitters | Wall-Mounted Lapsis Mirror – $24.00
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4.     Less doesn’t mean lifeless. One of minimalism’s danger is that it can be overdone to the point of lifelessness. Minimalism means keeping things simple while retaining their warmth. A good example of a piece to keep the drama are these Animal Head Wall Hooks by Imm Living. Their colors are in a soft palette, which goes well with the minimalist theme. These hooks are also small and functional — guests who are looking for a hook to hang hats, coats, or bags on will be delighted to discover these cute wall accessories.


Imm Living | Animal Head Wall Hook – $31.00
International shipping weight – 0.5 kg
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“Less is more,” say adherents of minimalism. Indeed, you don’t need a ton of décor to give your home a makeover. Even with the fewest wall accessories, as long as they are well-chosen and wisely laid out, you can transform your home from a wallflower to a crowd-pleaser.

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