5 Reasons Why Filipinos Shop from US Online Stores

ship from the us to the philippines

For many Filipinos, the cure to acute boredom usually comes in the form of shopping – purchasing online or going to brick and mortar stores to shop. But now that online shopping is booming and Filipinos are choosing to click “Add to Cart” to save their time and energy instead of going out, their options have greatly increased. And where do they look for trendy, quirky, and cheap items? To online stores in the U.S, of course.

U.S. brands have long held the love of Filipinos. Aside from the bragging rights that come with shopping from the U.S., here are five more reasons why Filipinos just can’t get enough of shopping from online stores in the U.S.

1. Get items exclusive to the U.S.

Sometimes product distribution is unfair, and we just have to live with that. But thanks to the magic of international shipping, items that would not have reached Philippine shores can now be used by Filipinos in the country. We can now get our own personal Google assistant in Google Mini or reinvent our daily snaps with Snapchat’s Spectacles (You can’t deny Spectacles looks cute!)

ship from us to the philippines

2. Variety and wider selections

People in the U.S. have it good with the unbelievable range of products available to them. For beauty junkies here, it was a milestone when Sephora.ph was launched more than two years ago, but a physical store is yet to come. Popular make-up brands Tarte and Urban Decay are not available here either. Choosing the perfect shade of lipstick and foundation is a guesswork, but we always come through because a person can never have too many lipsticks.

3. Products are relatively cheaper

Why buy imported goods here for thousands of pesos when you can get one in the U.S. brand’s online store that’s cheaper by a mile? An online store in the U.S. will almost always have a sale running, just keep your eyes open. Take the Nike LeBron Soldier XI SFG Basketball shoes for example. It retails for Php7,195 in the Philippines, but you can buy it for Php4,386 (USD83.97) at Nike’s U.S. online store. That’s almost Php3,000 in savings!

4. Philippines’ de minimis value of imported goods is now at Php10,000

The Philippine customs finally did something right. In October 2016, it increased the de minimis value from Php10 to Php10,000, to the happiness of many online shoppers. This means that most items shipped to the Philippines worth not more than Php10,000 are tax-free, so shop to your heart’s content now! Or at least up to Php10,000.

5. comGateway offers the lowest shipping rates from the U.S. to the Philippines

Don’t let distance and shipping fees ruin your shopping sprees. comGateway is dedicated to reducing your shipping costs through our shipping reduction services conducted in our warehouse in Portland, Oregon. Stop spending so much on shipping costs and get an additional 25% discount on your shipping fees to the Philippines! Use the promo code CGinPH25 upon checkout and enjoy!

Compare shipping rates with our customers’ actual purchases.

ship from the us to the philippines


How to shop and ship from the U.S.

1. Register and get your free U.S. address.

Did we mention it’s exempted from sales tax? This means no sales tax will be levied on the amount of your purchases that are delivered to comGateway. Save between from 5% to 12% in sales tax just by having your packages delivered to us!

2. Shop from online U.S. stores

This is the fun part. Purchase directly using your locally-issued card or use our BuyForMe service on stores that only accept cards issued in the U.S.

3. Ship and wait

Once your packages arrive at your U.S. address, we’ll let you know if your packages are eligible for our weight reduction services. Ship internationally and wait for 3 to 8 business days for your package’s arrival at your doorstep.

ship from us to the philippines

Pro Tips to Avoid Hassle and Save More

  1. To get the best store deals, always ensure you are on the U.S. website of the online store.
  2. Pay in USD because most merchants have ridiculously high ForEx rates.
  3. Having second thoughts? Use our free Live Quote tool to estimate the shipping weight of your desired item and the Time and Cost Calculator to know the rates.
  4. Remember that the Philippines prohibits the importation of loose lithium batteries.

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ship from the us to the philippines

Shop from online U.S. stores and ship to the Philippines with comGateway for bigger savings and shorter waiting time!