12 Trends of 2018

Here are 12 product trends that cover a range of industries converging on relaxation, design, horticulture, nostalgia, technology and more. These trends showed growth both in interest and utility in 2018.

1. Increased awareness of mental health
We’ve seen a significant focus on our bodies: from running clubs to healthy diets. But we’re starting to realize that a great shape won’t make us happy unless a healthy mind and spirit accompany it. Buy Muse $199.00
2. Positivi-Tea
Growth in sales of dessert-flavored tea and medicinal tea has been booming in Asia and Europe. You can always look forward to specialty tea shops in various countries. Buy Taylors of Harrogate Tea Variety Gift Box $11.13
3. Indoor Gardens
Housing issues mean outdoor gardens may be out of reach for many. But hydroponic tech like indoor cultivators and self-watering planters – will enable more indoor gardening: a market’s that’s grown 8% since 2010. Buy Henry Googly Eye Planter $6.00
4. More Audio
There will always be something intimate and soothing about a voice whispering in your ear. In 2018, podcasters are set to be the new vloggers. Buy OnePlus Bullets Wireless $69.00
5. All Knitted and Weaved
Runway display of woven bags has been a recent trend. A trend that’s likely to continue, given its artisanal and environmental credibility. Buy Patrice Woven Faux Leather Hobo $24.49
6. Can’t Sleep. Count Sheep.
Sleep deprivation is prevalent, and we’re starting to notice. Look out for sleep aide products from gadget, food and even meditation advice discussed in vlogs and articles. With time at a premium, everybody looks forward to a good night sleep. Buy Jo Malone Orange Blossom Scented Aromatherapy Candle $67.00
7. Giddy Up
The wooden hobby horse is coming back in the form of competitive hobby-horse riding. Yes, girls in Finland, the US and even parts of the UK are doing dressage and show-jumping on wooden horses to win trophies – and Internet fame. Buy Horse Stick $27.99
8. Keep Calm
Depression and Anxiety have been a famed mental health issue in 2018 and more of us will seek out ways to relax in 2018. Unwinding have been a significant activity much as going to the gym. Buy Scythe Boardgame $62.98
9. Mother Earth
Yearly, a colossal 1.4 billion pounds of trash end up in the world’s oceans. More of us are starting to worry about the impact plastics are having on our beaches and also more attempts to reduce the amount of plastic we use – and waste. Buy Recycling Trash Can $72.62
10. Wheel Over Hills
The streets of California, UK, China, and Singapore have been jumbled with a display of simple tech-transportations. From electric scooter to e-bikes, it’s a trend we don’t predict to die soon. Buy Huracane Electric Longboard $279.99
11. Feathered Friends
More and more hipsters are going ‘urban birding’ as part of our renewed love for nature, we’re showing more interest in our feathered friends. Buy Window Bird Feeder $24.97
12. All-In-One
2018 will see more of us hunt down apps and gadgets that consolidate multiple functions into one. We look forward to complexity in a simple, streamlined construction. Buy Amazon Fire TV Stick $39.99
Source: Will Higman Behavioral Futurist

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