comGateway Reviews: What’s the Verdict?

comGateway reviews: Is it worth it?

Read on for helpful comGateway reviews to help make up your mind.

With over 960,435 users from over 220 countries (and growing), comGateway is among the most popular US freight fowarding companies out there. The question is, is it the right one for you? Let the reviews of various customers all over the globe help you decide! Know whether comGateway’s services are just what you need based on their experiences.


comGateway is accredited by Better Business Bureau, a U.S.-based non-profit that points consumers towards trustworthy businesses. The organization gave comGateway the highest A+ rating for diligently addressing customer complaints.

comGateway's Profile on the Better Business Bureau websitecomGateway’s BBB profile. 


comGateway also has a Reviews page that features the testimonials of its customers. They reviewed the assistance they received from the customer service staff as well as their experience in availing its various services from BuyForMe to OneBox.

comGateway Reviews Page and OneBox ReviewsYou’ll find overall reviews as well as testimonials about specific services like OneBox on comGateway’s website.



As of February 12, 2019, comGateway has a 4.2 out of 5 star rating on Facebook based on 63 reviews. For negative reviews, comGateway makes it a point to respond and provide the user with assistance.

comGateway Facebook review

On Twitter, customers tweeted their thoughts on comGateway’s service along with their U.S. shopping haul.

comGateway Twitter review

Youtube vloggers also availed comGateway’s services and posted the reviews on their vlog.

Blogger The Haniverse shares her experience of using comGateway to buy US goods and ship them to the UK.

With Australia as one of comGateway’s top countries when it comes to shipments, recommends its service. It’s an award-winning news outlet in Australia covering news about consumer electronics and mobile technology with a focus on Android smartphones. Here’s an excerpt of their praise for comGateway:

comGateway Ausdroid Review

Read the full article here.


comGateway has customers worldwide, and they also go to forums all over the globe to discuss their reviews and comments about its services.

comGateway Reviews on Forums

The first comment can be found on the forums of Australian website Whirlpool while the latter is posted on Singaporean internet portal HardwareZone

Disclaimer: These are real reviews by real people and were in no way sponsored by comGateway.

In summary:
1. Customers from all over the world have tried and tested comGateway’s various services.
2. With over a decade of history in the industry, comGateway remains one of the go-to US freight forwarders among loyal customers for their international shipping needs.
3. With its Better Business Bureau accreditation, comGateway is a legitimate and trustworthy company with a good reputation when it comes to responding to customer feedback and complaints.
4.comGateway receives a combination of positive and negative reviews. For negative reviews on social media, comGateway extends the effort to resolve issues through customer service replies.

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