Why You Should Try Online Shopping from the USA

The Perks of Online Shopping from the US

Shopping online from international stores, especially US websites, is a trend that is growing increasingly, with more and more shoppers around the world discovering the joys of it.

In 2018, Paypal released a survey about consumers’ behavior towards online cross-border shopping. Among the 34,000 respondents, many expressed a positive attitude towards the trend. The infographic below shows what motivates them to buy from international websites.

Infographic- Top 3 Reasons Why Consumers Shop from International Sites

However, despite this and many other data in support of it, there are still many who are hesitant to try it out. Just some of the fears they have about international online shopping are the cost of international shipping, the delivery time, and the possibility of not getting their products.

The belief that buying from online shopping websites from the US is more expensive or inconvenient is just a myth. On the contrary, online shopping from USA websites gives you plenty of advantages. Here are just some of its benefits that will make you wonder why you didn’t try it sooner.

Reasons to Shop on US Online Stores

US Brands Vans Play Ray Ban1. You’ll get access to products sold exclusively in the US. When US brands or stores release a new item, it’s not always available globally. While that may be fine to some, for others, the FOMO (fear of missing out) is real, especially when it’s something you really wanted to buy, like the newest eyeshadow palette from Tarte you can’t get on your local Sephora website, or parts and accessories for your car that sellers in your country do not carry.

With over a million online shopping websites in the US each offering a fine selection of products, there are more options on what to buy.

Customers holding shopping bags

2. You’ll find that goods bought from the US are priced cheaper. While some US products may find their way into the local market, they end up getting sold at a high markup. In that case, it’s more economical to buy from US online shopping websites. If you’re worried that international shipping fees may make it more expensive, availing the services of re-shipping companies is your solution to that.

Companies like comGateway, for example, give you a free US address where you’ll send your packages to which they will then forward for international shipping to you at a much lower cost compared to having the store ship it to your country directly.

Woman carrying package box

3. U.S. stores are always on sale. U.S. stores do not run out of bargains and discounts for customers. Just look at their yearly Black Friday sales. They slash off a considerable chunk from the price of their products, making shoppers go crazy rushing to get the deals before they’re gone.

You don’t need to hop on a flight to the U.S. to participate in the sales; you only need to visit their online shops to shop the deals and get significant savings. If you’re buying from more than one merchant, comGateway offers consolidation, repack, and OneBox services to save you from multiple shipments which tend to be costly.

Woman shopping online using credit card

4. You get first dibs on new products before their worldwide release. When Apple releases new iPhone models, their U.S. stores get stocked first. And when their new phones finally drop locally weeks or maybe months after, the lines are so long and the stocks get sold out almost immediately.

If you would rather skip the long wait and queues, you can just go to the Apple US website and pre-order or shop your preferred iPhone if you have a US-issued credit card. Otherwise, you can use comGateway’s BuyForMe service which helps you buy the items you want for online shops that require US-issued credit cards.

Start your USA online shopping journey now. Sign up with comGateway to start buying goods from US websites and shipping them to your address anywhere in the world.