4th of July Sales: An Explosion of Deals!

Fourth of July marks the anniversary of America’s independence. And each year, Americans turn this federal holiday into a huge party. Families and friends gather together over backyard barbecues to watch local parades and fireworks displays.


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Aside from the citizens, U.S. retailers are also celebrating by holding significant sales both in-store and online, so even if you’re not in the U.S., you can still take part in the awesome deals!

Good news! Some US merchants have already started their 4th of July sales. And we’ve gathered the best deals you can shop right now!

A look Back on last year’s 4th of July sales

The 4th of July sales of 2019 were as huge as the celebrations, with US websites showering shoppers with confetti full of great bargains and discounts. For last year, comGateway customers filled their carts with purchases from these merchants: 

Top merchants for 4th of July 2019 sales

In addition, they made sure to shop and ship as many of these items home: 

Top products for 4th of July 2019 sales

The 4th of July sales of 2020: What’s to come

The sales for this year are expected to be explosive! With much of the world shopping from the comfort of their home, US websites will surely not run out of awesome deals and bargains that you will not be able to resist. Watch out because this is one US holiday sale you won’t want to miss!

Brace yourself for the biggest 4th of July sales yet. Sign up for a comGateway account and be ready to shop the enormous deals coming your way!